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Our Origin Story

As a child, my father would share an affirmation that nourished my self-esteem. Every time we would speak, he would greet me with the phrase "Unique & Lovely."

This affirmation encouraged me to revel in my uniqueness and understand that what made me different made me special.

As I grew, I saw an increased need for this message to be shared with women that looked like me.

In a society that praised sameness, I was determined to encourage others to choose to stand out, and thus Unique & Lovely was born!

Our Mission

To provide people with empowering apparel, affirming accessories, and uplifting mantras.

Our Vision

Our brand believes that what makes you different makes you special, what makes you special makes you unique, and what makes you unique makes you lovely.
By harnessing the power of positive affirmations, U&L aims to reinvent how marginalized communities view themselves one article of clothing at a time. 


The Creator

On the interwebs I go by Jus Muhree. In real life, I am known as Jeslyn. I am a selectively social introvert that decided to use my self-taught design skills to create graphic tees, stationery, and accessories that celebrate the thing that makes each of us special, our uniqueness. 
I spend most of my time behind the scenes consulting with fellow entrepreneurs; however, when the stars are aligned just right, you might catch a glimpse of me in the flesh. 

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