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Unique & Lovely was created to adorn you with apparel and accessories that honor what makes each and every one of us special, our uniqueness. 

We Put the You in Unique

As a child, the Creator's father would share an affirmation that instilled and nurtured her self-esteem. Every time they would speak, he would greet her with the phrase "Unique and Lovely." This affirmation encouraged her to revel in her uniqueness and understand that what made her different made her special.

As the Creator grew, she saw an increased need for this message to be shared with women that looked like her. In a society that praised sameness, she was determined to encourage others to choose to stand out, and thus Unique & Lovely was born! 

Unique & Lovely's mission is to adorn women with apparel, accessories, and designs that honor the very thing(s) that makes each and every one of us special, our uniqueness. 

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