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Summer Vacation

Every month a new journal prompt and vision board theme will be available for access on the Unique & Lovely website.

The theme for this month is Vacation

Take your time when reading each question. Please be intentional when responding. Your answers to these questions can assist with populating your vision board for this month.

  1. What does your ideal vacation look like?

  2. Where will you stay (hotel, Airbnb, etc.)?

  3. How long will your vacation be?

  4. Will you go alone or bring someone else with you?

  5. Will you go out and explore or relax?

  6. If you want to explore, what sites would you like to see?

  7. If you want to relax, what relaxing activities will you enjoy?

  8. Curate a vacation playlist.

    1. What genre(s) will your vacation playlist include?

    2. What artist(s) will you listen to?

    3. What songs will you have on your playlist?

  9. Are there any obstacles that is preventing you from taking your ideal vacation?

  10. What adjustments can you make to bring your ideal vacation to fruition?

Please remember that there aren’t any right or wrong answers to these journal prompt questions. Your responses are unique to you and meant to serve as a guide on your manifestation journey.

May all desires in alignment with your highest good come true.

See you in August!

Disclaimer: These monthly journal prompts are the intellectual property of Unique & Lovely, LLC DBA Unique & Lovely Designs. Any unauthorized reproduction of this journal prompt is illegal and may result in the pursuance of legal action.


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