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I Made a Playlist (Again)

This is my second year utilizing a playlist to curate the energy I want to call into my life over the next twelve months.

Who needs a resolution that you'll forget after the new year new me wears off when you can have a catchy stream of music that you can listen to help keep you on track.

Call this energy to your door in 2024.

  1. Point and Kill - Little Simz

  2. Golden Livin' - Noxz

  3. Energy - Sampa the Great

  4. Queen Space - Ari Lennox

  5. Float - Janelle Monte

  6. Things I Imagined - Solange

  7. Unstoppable - Santigold

  8. Pure Imagination Lofi - G Sounds

  9. Good Time - Brazillian Girls

  10. Bulletproof - La Roux

  11. Determinate - Adam Hicks

  12. Good Feeling - Flo Rida


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